For all the Still Game fans out there, this Friday is a big day. Not only is series seven starting on BBC1, the tickets for the live show are also on sale the very same day. So, to celebrate, Glasgow Living have come up with the funniest quotes from Jack, Victor and Co…

Ps. Contains strong language

1. Jack: “Mibbe if ye huv a jobbie, Martin, yer maw can wipe yer arse fir ye, Martin.”

2. Isa: “Did ye hear whit happened tae Winston? He wis brawlin in the butchers wae Peggy McAlpine…she fell oan um!”
Jack: “Oh Jesus is he deid?!”


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4. Winston: (To the neds) I’ll get my Grandson Joe here on ye.
Neds: Ooooh.
Winston: He’s a Boxer.
Ned: Aye I can tell that, Taking all those boxes intae the shop.



6. Boaby the Barman: Oh dear, if it isnae Long John Silver!
Winston: If I was Long John Silver, you’d be first to walk the plank, ye wank!

7. Ned: Tenner Feechees.
Jack: Feechees to you too. Are ye helpin us or whit?
Ned: Naw. A tenner fae each eh ye’s


Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

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