Picture the scene: you find out that a close friend or sibling is getting married, and that you, YES YOU, have been presented with the dizzying honour of standing by their side throughout. It’s an exciting time and between dreaming about gummy body-part sweets, jetting off abroad, or maybe heading to a remote luxury Scottish hotel and wondering how many puppies you could feasibly ‘borrow’ to get you all through the hangovers the next morning, you are determined to make the hen or stag the best night that anyone has ever seen. They don’t give you the titles of ‘honourable’ or the ‘best’ for nothing, do they?


Image: Tumblr

A little while later, you begin to feel slightly overwhelmed by the fact that two of the party are ‘cat people’ with dog allergies (what?!), one can’t legally leave the country at the moment due to a minor incident in an airport lounge bar, and the mother/father of the soon-to-be wed has put their newly-founded Facebook account to good use by sending hourly suggestions, emojis and the occasionally invitation to play Candy Crush. Stress levels are mounting and the doodle polls pleading for each person’s available dates just aren’t working out the way you imagined.

It’s time to call in the experts.

Bonnie Affair are a Glasgow-based company who specialise in creating bespoke packages for hen and stag do’s, each with a distinctly Scottish flavour. The following ideas can be combined in any way, and Bonnie Affair are always open to hearing your suggestions in order to increase their repertoire. They look after everything, from ensuring everyone has the right itinerary to placing personalised stickers on boxes of cupcakes. Have a browse of our favourite ideas below, and if you’re feeling inspired then there’s even more over on the Bonnie Affair site, just waiting to be turned into a unique party to remember!

1. Blend your Own Whisky

Image: Bonnie Affair

There will probably be someone in the group (perhaps it’s even you) saying ‘how ridiculous, everyone knows I don’t get out of bed for anything less than a single malt, thanks’ but no matter what your normal whisky tipple is, there is something undeniably special about getting to create something perfectly palatable to your own taste. Or at least, getting drunk trying.

2. Assault Course

Image: Bonnie Affair

Hens and stags love the mud. Have you ever seen a hen in a dirt bath? Now’s your chance! Forget about a little muck and throw yourself into an assault course that’s as fun as it is challenging. Perfect for winding up the bride/groom who demands an open air pool and mud bath skin treatment as part of the celebration.

3. Life Drawing

The ones with a little drawing skill will definitely benefit from a tutored session, and the ones destined to drawing stick figures for life will probably provide ample entertainment. Anyone feeling prudish about all the nudity? It’s art, darling!

4. Hula Hooping

Image: Bonnie Affair

Ideal for learning party tricks and adding a new, fun side to your ‘fitness regime’. Top tip: Drink a cocktail whilst hooping to make it shaken, not stirred.

5. Pimp My Booties Masterclass

Image: Bonnie Affair

Bring along your mot beloved, and forlorn looking shoes for a serious make-over. Fancy creating some wonderful wellies? Sparkling stilettos? Just wait for the moment that they get admired on a night out and you can say ‘oh, they’re by a new designer, she’s fabulous’.

6. Vintage-styled Makeover

Image: Bonnie Affair

Do you ever find yourself watching Mad Men with the certainty that you were born in the wrong decade? Start the evening drinking fizz, perfecting the smoky eye and getting your vintage curls down to a T.

7. The (Sex and the City) Highland Games

Image: Bonnie Affair

Time to sort the Carries from the Samanthas. Toss the (pink) caber, perfect the bouquet throw ahead of time, and, of course, the shopping spree dash will get you ready for hitting the sales for wedding gifts.

8. Bungee Jump

Image: Bonnie Affair

If you’re planning an event for someone sporty, adventurous, or just a little bit bonkers then this is the ultimate in party activity. What better way to celebrate marriage than jumping off a high building? It’s a no brainer that’ll definitely leave everyone feeling on a high.

9. Pakora Making Masterclass

Image: Bonnie Affair

Ever gotten drunk and eaten pakora? Ever gotten drunk and realised, wait a minute, I can make my OWN pakora, made a mess, and then thoroughly enjoyed eating it? If you haven’t yet, you haven’t lived. You’ll get a three course meal, as well as a top secret pakora recipe. It’s what our pakora dream are made of.

10. Zombie Workshop

Image: Bonnie Affair

What better gift for the soon-to-be-wedded than a workshop on how to survive the zombie apocalypse by learning how to imitate the undead perfectly? A makeup artist gets the look together, followed by a class on the latest studies into zombie behaviour, a photo shoot (hiya, instagram) and fun and games. So weird, and so wonderful.

So, what do you fancy in your dream itinerary? Pakora masterclass in vintage dress? Assault followed by hula hooping and whisky blending? Let us know in the comments!