Think you’ve done everything that Glasgow has to offer? Well think again Buster. Glasgow is a cosmopolitan city and is forever exploring new ideas and excitement for your participation.

12 Things Needing Ticked Off Your Glasgow Bucket List.

12. Grab a Cone at University Cafe


Arguably Glasgow’s most famous ice cream parlour. Situated on Byres Road, on a summer’s day, people are quite happy to queue for hours at a time, just to taste their homemade ice cream. University Cafe is close to reaching its centenary, and shows no signs of slowing down.

11. Walk Amongst The Dinosaurs

Hopping aboard the bandwagon of Jurassic World, Kelvingrove Museum have ingeniously announced a summer of dinosaur exhibitions, touring from New Zealand and featuring fossils from around the world. Helping tell the story of how a dinosaur can go from being an egg to the largest creatures Earth has ever seen. Hats off to their marketing department for superb timing.

10. Go Doon The Watter

The watter, you ask? Aye the watter, doon the watter, doon the watter. As old a tradition as the Clyde herself. Follow in the footsteps of your forefathers and head down the Clyde. Sailing on the Waverley, the last paddle steamer in the world, will be fun for all the family. Remember to bring a jacket, it can get a little blustery on top deck.

9. Sink a Drink in Glasgow’s Oldest Bar (1792)

Back when Glasgow was nothing more than four roads and a port for travelling sailors, the Scotia served alcohol. More than 2.5 million people were using the Clyde in its heyday, why not sample a little of Glasgow’s history. If only those walls could talk.

8. Visit the Site of Glasgow’s Gallows

Jocelyn Gate

A little but morbid but be honest everybody loves a gruesome gory story. Why do you think horror movies are so popular? Anyway Jocelyn Gate, the entrance to Glasgow Green under the archway, was indeed where Glasgow’s nefarious characters would swing for their crimes. Tolbooth Steeple at Glasgow Cross was later used and the last people to hang in Scotland were hanged in Barlinnie Prison.

7. Find Out What The Romans Actually Did for Glasgow

What have the Roman’s ever done for us? Well its time to find out. Glasgow University has a brilliant exhibition, describing the influence the Romans had on Scotland and Britain. Check out our article on the Antonine Wall. (Did you know that the Romans, at no point in history, had Scotland fully submissive under their control.)

6. Take the Glasgow Miracle Tour

It seems pretty remarkable that Glasgow has such a strong affinity for art and culture, however when you consider that it owns the largest civic art collection in Europe and nearly every art gallery is free admission, plus the world renowned art schools and colleges. It doesn’t seem that crazy. It becomes easier to understand that art is ingrained in our very blood. Find out a bit more about the Turner Prize “Glasgow Miracle”.

5. Proclaim Your Love on the Squiggly Bridge

Siblings Eric and Alissa Lintala tourists from Rochester, New York pictured looking at love locks on the squiggly bridge (aka the Tradeston bridge) in Glasgow.      Photograph by Colin Mearns 2 June 2015

France had the Pons Des Arts, (now removed), and Glasgow has the unlikeliest of monuments, lovestruck couples are using to declare their universal, undying affection for each other, The Squiggly Bridge. Yes Glasgow’s Tradeston Bridge has begun to show evidence of the lovelock craze, covering monuments across Europe. Quick, declare your love on a bridge over the Clyde before Glasgow City Council puts a halt to the craze.

4. Take a Look at Genuine Banksy Artwork

Glasgow has confirmed Banksy’s on the walls outside the Arches, Banksy’s inside the Arches and a rumoured Banksy in Dennistoun. Take a look at the Banksy’s inside the Arches before the council shuts the premises for good. (They announced they’d plunged into administration last week.)

3. Have a Look Inside the City Chambers


Gaze at the marvel and majesty of Glasgow City Chambers, one of the greatest feats of architecture in Glasgow’s history. Probably one of the most remarkable buildings in Europe. Marble, stained glass domes, alabaster. Enormous murals helping to illustrate Glasgow’s grand history and plenty more. Tours are conducted twice daily.

2. Stage a One Person Protest on Concert Hall Steps

Why not stage a protest against protesting? What about protesting about the futility of a protest without the strength of the proletariat? Whatever your reason for protesting? (Seriously it seems that everybody is pissed off about something, we blame that guy that cheated on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ages ago.) It’s time to get your protest on as Glasgow City Council voted to wipe Royal Concert Hall steps from the face of the earth, build an atrium and extend Buchanan Galleries.

1. Visit the World’s Oldest Panopticon


Recently rejuvenated after years of being hidden behind a shop front. Glasgow’s original Panopticon is back open for business. (Imagine the 02 Academy except in 1850) With tours, shows and history to learn, why not actually take part in an integral part of Glasgow’s history. The Panopticon is also the beginnings of where the Glasgow crowd got its centuries long fearsome reputation.