Mans best friend, would follow you into the fires of hell, would lay down their life to protect you, would accompany you to the local pub for a refreshment….Oh wait. Yup it seems a tragedy that one of our (very few) scorching hot days you’re unable to visit the majority of pubs in Glasgow with your canine, partner in crime in tow.

Worry not dear GlasgowLiving readers as we provide you 13 bars across the city that basically consider dogs more welcome than humans.

13. Drygate Brewery – Dennistoun

Pro dog since opening in 2014, Drygate Brewery situated near the Tennent’s brewery is certainly fit for a visit from man’s best friend. With the classy looking exterior and space for our four legged friends. Drygate is perfect for taking the “dog a walk” with absolutely no intentions of going for a sneaky pint or two.

12. West Brewery – Glasgow Green

West Brewery facing Glasgow Green is a perfect haven for having a refreshment accompanied by the dog, providing fresh water for your dog and exquisite craft beer for you. Massive beer garden as well for the few and far between sunny days.

11. Ben Nevis – Argyle Street

At the Ben Nevis, the staff are so enamoured with dogs they’ve even released a calendar called Dogs of the Ben. While you sample one of their 100+ whiskies your four legged friend could end up being photographed and showcased on their calendar, as one of their dogs of the year.

10. Stravaigin – Kelvinbridge

Receiving between four and five stars on Trip Advisor Stravaigin is a perfect premises for bringing pooch, providing fresh water and bringing you the freshest food. Can get quite busy, so take the four legged’s wellbeing into consideration before jamming them into a crowded bar/restaurant full of people.

9. Brel – Ashton Lane

Not content with being most of Ashton Lane patrons favourite bar restaurant they are also inclusive and welcoming of dogs. You’ll not go thirsty and Brel will ensure, neither will your dog.

8. Siempre – Dumbarton Road

Unconventionally, considering Siempre is a cross between a bicycle repair shop, a bar, coffee shop and healthy eating venue is the fact that they also allow dogs to sit with their owners in the outside garden. Situated directly across from the entrance to Kelvinbridge Subway. Siempre is off the beaten track and perfect for a leisurely drink with the “dug”.

7. Big Slope – Kelvingrove

Brilliant food to go along with a brilliant atmosphere, Big Slope is a favourite with dog lovers in the West End, with staff enjoying the different dogs that come in and dog owners enjoying the company of other dog owners, Big Slope provides a brilliant hub for the local community of dog owners.

6. The Finnieston – Argyle Street

The Finnieston in the West End has a dog friendly attitude, whilst also providing some of the freshest food in Glasgow. The fish is procured daily, straight from the boat. You and the dug can’t go wrong with a wee trip to The Finnieston.

5. Ubiquitous Chip – Ashton Lane

Unknown to many but the chosen few, one of Ashton Lane’s most famous venues is also dog friendly. The Brasserie @ Ubiquitous Chip is most welcoming to the four legged member of your family. Providing a bowl of water for your dog and pretty tasty food and drink for you.

4. BrewDog – Argyle Street

It seems almost apt that BrewDog right across from Kelvingrove Art Gallery would accommodate man’s best friend. Providing the highest quality of craft beer, a brilliant atmosphere and also room for the “wee dug”. BrewDog it seems can do no wrong at the minute

3. Lebowski’s

Dude, can you believe they’ve got 26 different types of White Russian and their dog friendly, brilliant. As equally warm to dogs as they are to humans, Lebowski’s would be brilliant if you’re out walking the dog and ended up caught in the rain. (Although how do you explain both of you being bone dry upon reaching home?)

2. Gallus- Partick

Gallus by name, Gallus by nature. Gallus in Partick, directly across from Sanctuary is right at the heart of the bustling West End and guaranteed to be dog friendly. Right around the corner from Byres Road.

1. The Butterfly & The Pig (Shawlands & Bath Street)

Both Shawlands and Bath Street’s Butterfly and the Pig are people friendly and dog friendly, ten years strong in Bath Street and recently opened in Shawlands, means that you and the dog will be getting a decade plus worth of good service and experience.