With the news that several new crazes (Paracetamol Challenge, Charlie Charlie) are currently sweeping playgrounds nationwide and corrupting innocent schoolchildren, it made GlasgowLiving yearn fondly on our younger years.

Without social media (or the had the very basic of models) there was no one to blame but our own idiotic self, however we were still equally as moronic. Luckily we had the “big boy done it and ran away” method of deflection.

Anyway let’s take a look back and see some of the daft, dangerous and downright disastrous crazes of yesteryear.

(Warning some of these are particularly stupid and we accept no responsibility for anyone dumb enough to attempt them and we will certainly not publish any pictures.)

14. Punch for a Punch

fight club

Like a mini Fight Club, the crush (foyer) at break and lunchtime during school became a battle zone of male teens (and the really intimidating female teens) punching each other as hard as they could in the stomach, we’re pretty sure Ed Norton and Brad Pitt are  definitely to blame.

13. Laser Pens

laser pens

“They’ll blind you if they are directly in your eye for more than three seconds”, “mines is a class 1/2/3”. Arriving back at school with a laser pen after the summer and you were king of the playground. Although, shine it on the blackboard once or have somebody “grass” and the game was up. We’d really like to know has anyone actually been blinded by a €3 laser? Probably not.

12. Tazos


A shameless Pogs ripoff. Nevertheless, during their promotion, it can be assured that childhood muggings multiplied, Asda Store Assistants regularly boarded up shop doors for fear of their Monster Munch multipacks being ransacked. The black market for Tazo laundering became so dangerous, it was alleged some children sold their kidneys to secure the highly valued collectables.

11. Pogs


The original enabler of childhood gambling and addiction at its best. Originated in Japan and then Hawaii, Pogs became a multi million pound business empire, however, did you know, that originally Pogs in Hawaii were made from milk bottle caps, juice caps, and were completely worthless, (it’s in the name, P.O.G: passion fruit, orange and guava). P.s metal Kinis are still not allowed and are definitely now considered a concealed weapon.

10. Funfax


All the enjoyment of a diary full off pointless information. Imagine presenting the techno sav(age) youth of today with a small Filofax full of outdated information saying, “Happy Birthday Valerie it’s a Filofax on the monetary system of the Soviet Union.” They’d already have the Virgin Broadband Router ripped from the wall, primed, ready to beat you into submission.

9. Skirt over Trousers


A horrendous moment in the history of fashion, one or the other ladies. It was as if one girl had issues with OCD and after three hours of indecision, decided to wear both skirt and trousers, and it caught on, and on and on and on and on. Don McLean sang about the day the music died, well we’re pretty sure this was the day fashion died.

8. Yo Yo’s

yo yo

In all fairness, Yo Yo’s never left. Let’s settle it once and for all, a ball bearing, bearing Yo Yo doth not make for a talented yo yo’er. Origins in Ancient Greece and China, Yo Yo’s also made for a pretty sturdy childhood weapon.

7. Clackers


The glorified wrist breaker, occasionally dares to make a comeback, but the right wing media immediately runs a story of how one faulty Clacker snapped off fractured ten wrists in a row, killed a dog and smashed an elderly frail woman’s window. Clackers recede into the background again.

6. 99’er


Bizarre even for this lists’ standards. Basically scratch the back of your hand with your fingernail, a rubber, or if you were particularly mentally unstable a compass point 99 times. Therefore giving yourself a 99er. Disfigured, disgusting hands were very popular “back in the day”.

5. Jobby


Very immature, but quite hilarious. Probably the simplest on the list, pupils in a class repeatedly say Jobby increasing in volume after each attempt. Starting from a whisper to eventual shouting. Especially effective during a quiet class. Everybody could play and each game would be initiated spontaneously.  Jobbbbbbby.

4. Dust Caps


Risking life and death to secure metallic “dusties” was essential for any teenager with an 18 gear bike. (Usually massively oversized, lacking efficient breaks and almost certain a death trap.) You would have to “borrow” dust caps off the local boy racers’ cars. God help you if they spotted their dust caps on your bike. Imagine a scaled down version of the articulated lorry chase in Terminator 2, with less trucks and more Vauxhall Corsas.

3. Happy Slap

dog slap

Cruel and unfunny. Literally bullying members of the public, smaller kids and people more timid than yourself. A scourge on modern culture, if you hit someone for the benefit of other morons on social media, you’re a plague on your generation.

2. Snorting Pepper/Salt/Sherbet

Snorting pepper

Made famous by Jackass and Bravo’s Team Squirrel, truth be told most young people will have snorted pepper, salt or sherbet in a peer pressure lead dare. extremely painful, however it will not be uncommon to see grown men attempt it in the pub.

1. The Vix Challenge

70's show

Using the vix infused sponge contained in a Vix nasal container, you would wipe it profusely under your eyes and attempt to outlast your opponent in a non blinking competition, horrendous but oddly refreshing. Only the bad ass leather jacket wearing kids would attempt it with real Vix from a tub, and usually only once.

So what crazes did we miss out Glasgow? Let us know.