GlasgowLiving provides you, 17 things you’ll find in Glasgow, but struggle to find anywhere else in the world. One of the many reasons Glasgow is such a unique and wonderful city.

If we were to ask you the question: What does Glasgow mean to you? How would you answer?

1. Fight For Your Right To Party

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 14.10.45


Glasgow City Council revoked The Arches late license, effectively destroying an essential part of Glaswegian culture. Famous the world over, The Arches was regularly voted one of the world’s greatest clubs, Glasgow defiantly fought back though, claiming 37,000 signatures on Change.Org in the process and in a show of solidarity staged a public protest which reached the national media. Remember, in Glasgow your voice will always be heard.

2. Transporting Manners

Bus Driver

Only available in Glasgow (and a few other places in Scotland). Do you courteously thank the bus driver when alighting from the vehicle. Bizarrely, it won’t be out of character to see people thank an actual train as they alight. (Be honest, you’ve definitely done it.)

3. Street Music

Glasgow Slash

Only available in Glasgow. Are the buskers instead of being homeless drug addicts, actually superbly talented musicians who just wish to play a little music to the world. Ranging from Pan Pipes, bagpipes to a mini Slash from Guns and Roses.

4. Behold the Beauty in Death


Only available in Glasgow. A cemetery where it’s acceptable to admire a gravestone and not have the world gawk, as if you’re attempting a jovial spot of necrophilia.

5. HardcoreDanceAlternativeRockViaBurlesque


Only available in Glasgow. In one night, can you visit three clubs and hear three of the most diverse genres of music all within yards of each other.

6. Revolution in Buchanan Street

free palestine

Only available in Glasgow. On an average Saturday can you sign up for countless political demonstrations. Hate animal testing? Sign up against it. Disagree with Israel’s occupation of Palestine? Sign up against it.

7. Get Up, Step Up

save the steps

Only available in Glasgow. A political protest to save the steps in front of a concert hall.

8. He’s the Raver Baby

The Glasgow Raver

Only available in Glasgow. Probably the most dedicated raver in the world. (and all for a good cause.)

9. Eat Tart in a Work of Art

mackintosh tearoom

Only available in Glasgow. The opportunity to actually dine in a piece of art created by one of the greatest artistic minds in history.

10. The Glasgow Miracle

turner prize

Only available in Glasgow. The Glasgow Miracle Tour. Discover how one of the grittiest cities in the world spawns so many Turner Prize winners. Dominated by Glaswegian entrants, it’s more of shock if Glasgow doesn’t win

11. ‘Transport’ed Back in Time

Riverside museum

Only available in Glasgow. A £74 million pounds opportunity to travel back in time and witness the birth of transport in this country at the Riverside Museum. One of Europe’s greatest museums.

12. Gander in the Grandeur of Green Flag Glasgow


Only available in Glasgow. Hay Fever sufferers beware, in 2014, eight of Glasgow’s larger parks won the coveted Green Flag Award – the benchmark standard for UK parks.

13. Get Healed in the £1 Billion Pounds “Death Star”


Only available in Glasgow. No need to join the dark side. The South Glasgow University Hospital, a.k.a “Death Star” actually heals people. (N.B Quite possibly one of the the worst nicknames in history, have they ever seen Star Wars?)

14. An Impossible Journey

subway map

Only available in Glasgow. The greatest and simplest Subway map in history. Suck it London.

15. Tardis 2.0


Only available in Glasgow. The Doctor is on a health kick these days as his Tardis has been turned into a green painted smoothie bar.

16. The (Veg)Tables Have Turned

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 16.44.40


Only available in Glasgow. This underdeveloped criminal mastermind. He got nearly four years in jail. Now, just think if he’d ate his greens instead of using them in a threatening manner.

17. Be Baltic in Baltic

Baltic ice bar

Only available in Glasgow. Actually being able to be “pure baltic” in Baltic. Thanks to Braehead’s all new 100% per cent ice bar.