GlasgowLiving loves Glasgow. (Check, it’s in the name.) It might rain every single day but there’s plenty to love about the second city of the empire. We bring you 18 pictures that make Glasgow our favourite city. (We assure you it’s definitely not the weather.)

There’s plenty of cities in the world, but only one Glasgow.

 1. Nearly 600,000 Glaswegians call it home

2. Our Subway runs like clockwork

3. Some things matter more than football



4. This chirpy guy

5. Strength of character

 6. Dealing with terrorists in our own particular fashion

 7. Heroism and Gratitude

8. Santa doesn’t need reindeer in Glasgow

 9. Claiming to hate politics but secretly eating them up

10. The world’s largest Armadillo

11. The Original Hipster

12. We’re full of the “patter”

14. Umbrella’s need counselling after a weekend in Glasgow

15. There’s a sort of Gourmet Burger Square Go Happening

16. Scarlett Johansson will probably offer you a lift to the shops for the “messages”.

17. We’ve invented a few things (less proud of some than others)

18. And finally Glasgow famous for “trying to catch a fish that couldnae swim”.

 So there you have it Glasgow, what are your thoughts? Have we missed anything out? Let us know below