The weather might turn at a moments notice, but don’t let that put you off, ice cream deserves to be eaten and eaten everywhere as often as humanly possible.

Summer Lovin, had me a blast, summer lovin, ate my ice cream too fast…

And on that note here are 9 ice cream parlours its imperative you try while summer is kicking about.

9. Baskin Robbins-Buchanan Galleries

ice cream


We try to push independent retailers at Glasgow Living but there’s no mistaking Baskin Robbins. The ice cream daddy, responsible for more than 1000 flavours, 31 in store and with options including ice cream cake, or chocolate cake and cold ice cream. Impressive

8. Cheer Me Up Froyo-Pollokshaws Road

cheer up froyo

Oh you had us at Froyo. How could we ever need cheering up in your presence, offering frozen yogurt as well as ice cream, a relatively new member of Glasgow’s ice cream fraternity. Nevertheless a welcome edition. Offers ice cream milkshakes, waffles and plenty of other goodies.

7. Big Licks-West End


The smell of Big Licks is mindblowing, almost hypnotic, you feel yourself drawn to the ice cream parlour, decent variety of flavours and very reasonable prices. You cant go wrong with getting your tongue around a Big Licks.

6. Nardini’s-Byres Road


As famous as the seaside itself, how many generations of people will have fond memories of going to Largs and look forward to getting their hands on a wonderful cone? Nardini’s brought that same love, care and attention to Byres Road and we’ve always been grateful. An icon of the Byres Road landscape.

5. Crolla-Byres Road


A direct West End rival with Nardini’s on Byres Road, but we think Glasgow’s love of ice cream has enough room in our hearts for everyone. Excellent ice cream, tends to open a wee bit later, so if you’re an ultimate rebel, you’ve got the choice of eating ice cream when the weather (gasp) gets a little colder.

4. Sugar Rush-Pollokshields

sugar rush

Sugar Rush is a hidden frozen diamond in Pollokshields, stuck in an industrial estate, as if positioned there due to a rip in the space time continuum. Value for money, tasty scoops, brilliant flavours. Your mission should you choose to accept it…

3. Thorntonhall Farmhouse Ice Cream-Thorntonhall

ice creamj

Not exactly an ice cream parlour, but fantastic ice cream, completely 100% per cent natural ingredients, take a look on their website, sell fresh from the farm, as advertised on their website, their mint choc chip is white…Mind Blown. Probably the freshest ice cream in Glasgow.

2. Waffle Monster-Sauchiehall St

waffle monster

Quirky, cool, excellent staff, desserts and takeaways are both of the highest standards, a must visit, and constant 5 out of 5 reviews on Trip Advisor. Very Impressive.

1. Queens Cafe-Victoria Road


As old as Glasgow itself. (Some say St Mungo would pop in occasionally for a cone.)

Sitting in Ginesi’s Queens Cafe is akin to sitting in the middle of Glasgow’s history, if you’ve never been you haven’t lived, with modern ice cream in comfortably antique surroundings, Glasgow might have newer ice cream parlours but none steeped in the history of the Queen’s Cafe. Glasgow and Queens Cafe are one and the same.

Honourary mention to University Cafe, we thought it had closed down but it was instead closed for the day.