In case you hadn’t heard, Glasgow’s Subway will be closed from the 2nd-31st July, with a replacement bus service taking over the normal circular route around the city. As much as we might moan about our wee underground service, it has its quirks and we’ll miss it dearly whilst it has a facelift. Recognise any of these?

1. That weird, warm subway smell

What is that smell? Will it still be there after the modernisation? What if these next few days are the last time we smell the subway and then it changes forever? Have they considered this in their planning?!

2. Arriving on the platform JUST as the train pulls up, as though you’d planned it

Enough to make anyone feel like a big deal.

3. Rolling your eyes at the steaming groups on subcrawl wearing dress-up and howling with laughter every time the train starts moving

Except for when it’s your turn to dress up and take on the clockwork orange. Then you can be as much of a wally as you like!

4. Missing your stop but it’s all good cos you can just change trains at the next one and go back #circleoflife

No one needs to know. You got this, Glasgow.

5. The overall toy train vibes

6. Being able to get from one end of Glasgow’s centre to the other in 12 minutes

Try doing that on a bus. Time to get used to the 5pm traffic if you’re normally a subway straight home kinda person.

7. Moaning about the price increases

At least we got shiny new elevators and things after the latest price increase.

8. Hearing the conductors muddling up their stations on the intercom

‘The next station is Cowca… no, George’s Cross? Never mind, it’ll say on the wall’

9. People who try to take far too many things on the tiny train but manage admirably

Image: imgflip

This got 1000x funnier in the weeks after the bag charge came into play. There’s always one who tries to take a sofa down to the subway. And sometimes, there’s one who actually succeeds in making it.