With the recent news that the Glasgow’s Super Bario, Kickstarter fund was a success after raising £1000+ more than their initial £5000 target, it seems that Glasgow could be witnessing the first tentative steps of a social gaming revolution.

Games are cool now, whether it be digging out your old MegaDrive and getting down to some hardcore Streets of Rage or developing early Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after button mashing Street Fight, everybody remembers the nostalgia surrounding their favourite gaming moments.

That’s not to say gaming has to be all digital, there’s nothing better than claiming bragging rights against your nearest and dearest after hammering them at ping pong or good old table football…

Things To Do In Glasgow: 6 Of The Greatest Gaming Venues In Glasgow.

1. MEGAbytes – Howard Street


Situated pretty much next door to Slaters Menswear, MEGAbytes set the benchmark for arcade cafes in Glasgow, they promised the best arcade games from your past, and they delivered. Throw in quizzes, prize winning game tournaments, four pinball tables, both modern and absolute classic computer consoles and you’ve got a game playing Nirvana. We’ve yet to pop along to MEGAbyte, but we’ve heard their Mario Kart tournaments are phenomenal.

2. Hillhead BookClub – Vinicombe Street


It’s not all digital delight in Hillhead Bookclub, alongside their classic consoles (each with about 50 games to choose from) Hillhead Book Club also offers some bad ass table tennis or table football. Cocktails and computer games, sounds fantastic to us. Obviously you will have heard about the Bookclub serving you cocktails out of gramophones, and will be lambasted for even suggesting attending such an establishment, but trust us Hillhead BookClub is worth a visit if even just to destroy strangers at table tennis.

3. Proud Mary – Queen Street

pROUD mary

The new kid on the block, Proud Mary proudly advertises itself as Glasgow’s first Table Tennis bar, with six tables they certainly live up-to promise. Serving pretty good grub and an excellent pint, Proud Mary will definitely appeal to those in your social group with less than a passing interest in smashing a ping pong ball at each others face (not recommended). With as many as 10 people per table, you can get a genuine tournament going. With genuine quality DJ’s such as Defected’s Sam Devine on the decks, Glasgow has never seen anything like Proud Mary.

4. 1LevelUp – St Enoch Square


Open since 2006 1LevelUp knows exactly what’s needed to make a fantastic gaming cafe. Forgoing arcade machines for hardcore internet gaming, 1LevelUp will provide you with your internet fix, amongst the company of people who admire your dedication to gaming instead of looking upon you with trepidation. Offering the opportunity to play brand spanking games before the general public get the chance. 1LevelUp brings you plenty of gaming goodness.

5. Mono – King’s Court

Mono Table tennis

Don’t be put off by whatever you’ve heard about Mono, the music is fantastic, drinks are excellent and you can smash your pal in at table tennis. Where do we sign up? With reviews referring to it as the Hillhead BookClub of the Merchant City. You’ll struggle to find anywhere else like Mono across Glasgow. Why don’t you try somewhere new? Oh did we mention the live music and table tennis? Love it.

6. Geek Retreat – Union Street

super smash broether

For the more hardcore participants of Glasgow’s gaming culture. Geek Retreat answers everyone of your prayers, as you travel downstairs, nervous at what to expect, Geek Retreat is a technicolour dream. Offering table top console games, comic books, clothing, games, tournaments, graphic novels and a pretty decent little cafe. Head along to satiate your worldly geekly needs.

Honourable Mention

Viper and Nice & Sleazy’s

Viper have got a few nifty arcade machines tucked away at the back, and if you’re lucky you’ll walk into the middle of a table tennis tournament. Unbeknown to most out there Nice and Sleazy’s has a genuine old school arcade machine upstairs at the back playable free of charge. With a good selection of some of the most well loved 8Bit games ever produced (Arkanoid, Space Invaders, Toobin etc) it’s a pleasant addition to an already cracking pub/club.