With the new student year finally upon us, students everywhere through their drunken haze will realise that living on Saas, will prove to be almost impossible, (especially if you go out three times plus per week.)

 If you’re looking for a half decent part time job, to fit around your “busy” schedule, look no further.

1. Cineworld @ Nationwide

Pretty much the greatest job in the world if you’re a movie buff, free movies, preview screenings, discounts, the ability to talk endlessly about movies with like minded people, and at the end of the month be rewarded for your loyalty to movies in hard earned cash.

2. American Apparel @ Glasgow

Why not join one of the most fashionable brands amongst young people today? American Apparel can boast being worn on the bodies of young sexy celebrities, Are you cool? Are you hip? Are you trendy? American Apparel is the job for you.

3. Barista @ Caffe Nero

Do you art when you look at a cup of coffee? Then Barista Caffe Nero is for you, joining one of the leading names in Coffee Culture Industry will help you pocket a little extra cash and you’ll always be the person with the knowledge when it comes to the hungover coffee.

4. Mansion House @ Glassford Street

Fancy a brilliant job working in one of Glasgow’s most enjoyable entertainment venues? Mansion House in Glassford Street are looking for staff to join their buoyant team, with guaranteed tips and shifts that fit around your studies, if you’ve alway fancied working in a bar why not work in one of the best?

5. Cafe Bar @ Royal Conservatoire Scotland

Looking for bar work with a little extra class? Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is looking for people to join their team at the busy Cafe Bar in the RCS. Experience is essential. Hours will be varied, however weekday shifts can be expected as well.

6. Secret Shopper in Glasgow

Quite fancy life of the super spy?  Somewhat allergic to getting shot in the face though? Then the life of a mystery shopper is right up your street, like eating, shopping and generally being involved in the outside world? Secret Shopper will be perfect

7. Sports Kids in Southside

Don’t mind entertaining kids? Love hosting birthday parties even when its not your birthday? Sports Kids is right up your alley. Part-time weekend position, with a guaranteed 16 hours per week. There are always extra hours available during school holidays and busy periods. Ideal position for 6th year students at school or college.8. Party DJ’s

9. Promotional Staff in Glasgow

Energetic, outgoing and a people person? Promoting sounds right up your street then. Boredom will never be an issue because each day you will be promoting a different item. 3-4 hour shifts and 10 smackaroonies an hour.

10. Pizza Sampling

Fancy dishing out free pizza to the world? In what sounds like the easiest job in the world, you will be expected to give out free pizza to civilians of Glasgow and then ask them for an email address after they taste the pizza.

11. Ted Baker @ Glasgow

Fancy working with one of the most stylish fashion brands in the world? Ted Baker are looking for team members to join their store in Glasgow. As long as you’re outgoing, stylish, have a slight clue about fashion and are a hard worker. You’ll be perfect for Ted Baker’s Sales Team.

12. Karaoke Presenter/Party DJ @Entertainment Express

Fancy yourself as a bit of a, karaoke presenter, party host or DJ? Entertainment Express has the perfect job for you. 100% per cent no agency work and as long as you have your own transport a brilliant way to make some extra cash. Sadly to be a karaoke host you do have to be able to hold more than just a microphone.