Glasgow, we’re famous for a lot more things than you might imagine, in this article we give a rundown of Glasgow’s Guinness World Record achievements.

10. Glasgow Science Centre

Minolta Dynax 7, Sigma 28-70mm f2.8 EX DF at 50mm, 1/6 sec at f16, polariser, tripod, +1.0EV exposure compensation. Fuji Velvia

Glasgow Science Centre’s much beleaguered Glasgow Tower can lay claim to a positive Guinness World Record, for being the tallest free standing structure (417 ft) in the world which fully rotates 360 degrees. (No comments please, on its track ‘record’ for being closed, more than it’s been open.)

9. Robot Olympics


Glasgow has the title for hosting the first international robot olympics in 1990. Representatives from USA, Japan, Canada, Europe and the Soviet Union competed for the title. Most robots were sadly undone by a pre rolled red carpet as they got caught in the pile

8. Longest game of five a sides

Boys Brigade

This group of young people played the ultimate game of five a sides in Cumbernauld, continuously for 55 hours, in the process smashing the previous record by nearly 6 hours

7. Cineworld, Tallest Cinema in World


Once derived as being both unnecessary and ugly and in the running for the carbuncle award, the people of Glasgow at first weren’t too impressed with the new state of the art Cineworld building. Prior to the construction, Cineworld replaced Green’s Playhouse much to the outrage of local patrons. However Cineworld on Renfrew Street is now well used, well regarded and officially the tallest cinema in the world.

6. Most Number of Spray Tans in One Hour


Not exactly a surprise this one but Glasgow holds the record for most spray tans in one hour, albeit to raise awareness about skin cancer.

In September 2010 Sandra McClumpha arranged a record attempt for spray tans at the SECC, successfully completing 78 and securing her place in the record books.

5. Rangers Record Attendance


Rangers set a world record attendance for a fourth tier match, August 18th 2012. 49,118 people packed into Ibrox to watch Rangers begin their quest to reach the summit of Scottish football again.

4. Roundhouse Kicks


A gym in Glasgow holds the record for the most roundhouse kicks completed in one minute. Mark Scott successfully carried out 148 roundhouse kicks at the Griphouse Gym in November 2007, the record still stands.

3. Oldest Child on Television


A pretty obscure record here but Janette Tough (Wee Jimmy Krankie) can successfully claim to be the oldest child ever played on television. Born in 1947 she appears on TV quite regularly dressed in school uniform alongside her husband Ian Tough.

2. Clyde 1 and ScotRail Skaters


Clyde 1 staff and ScotRail staff became official record holders following their world record attempt at the longest consecutive chain of roller skaters, 8 September 2013.

1. Commonwealth Cocktail


In time for the Commonwealth Games last year a Glaswegian mixologist created a cocktail with an ingredient for every nation in the Commonwealth. Mal Spence created the cocktail using 71 different ingredients. Apparently he tried 300 different ingredients before settling with the final 71.