Everybody loves a great viral video, they get people talking, they can bring you to tears, make you emotional, or have you buckled with laughter.

Here are ten of our favourites, what are yours?

10. John Smeaton- 584k YouTube views

[youtube id=”cCqprbH7mrg” align=”center” mode=”lazyload”]

The man who literally never has to buy a pint in any pub he walks into ever again (in Scotland at least), summing up Scotland’s attitude to terrorism in one brilliant sentence. “This is Glasgow we’ll just set about ye.” Is it coincidence, there hasn’t been a terrorist attack since?

9. Opera ‘Train’ed- 1877 YouTube views

[youtube id=”lYDzLiegfnY” align=”center” mode=”lazyload”]

William Boyle became YouTube famous after belting out Lucian Pavarotti’s operatic classic Nessun Dorma on the last Glasgow to Hamilton train of the night.

8. Hurricane Bawbag & Runaway Trampoline- 3.2m YouTube views

[youtube id=”UPKb9z4l7eM” align=”center” mode=”lazyload”]

Scotland after being requested to name its first hurricane, reacted in typical fashion, christening it “Hurricane Bawbag”, it trended worldwide, was used by politicians and it made a trampoline famous.

7. Danny Macaskill: Inspired Bicycle- 36.38m YouTube views

[youtube id=”Z19zFlPah-o” align=”center” mode=”lazyload”]

Scottish born Danny is recognised as one of the best street trial pro riders in the world. He performed the stunts in Premium Rush starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, stars in commercials for the worlds largest brands. His top five YouTube posts have been viewed 150m times.

6. Burnistoun: Voice Recognition Elevator- 4.6m YouTube views

[youtube id=”5FFRoYhTJQQ” align=”center” mode=”lazyload”]

Brilliant sketch from Burnistoun, two Scots walk into a voice activated elevator, safe to say their strong Scottish brogue doesn’t go (up or) down too well.

5. Pet the Lamb- 4.1m YouTube views

[youtube id=”0y2ZxgJNlWs” align=”center” mode=”lazyload”]

An orphaned lamb is adopted by a farmers collie Dice. “Pet” the lamb now believes she is a collie, to the point of sleeping the shed with the other dogs.

4. Susan Boyle:BGT- 170m YouTube views

[youtube id=”RxPZh4AnWyk” align=”center” mode=”lazyload”]

Susan Boyle. Probably the most unlikely pop star of all time, BGT would never be the same again.

3. Peter Pan Proposal- 3.2m YouTube views

[youtube id=”1NOzkyhA-aQ” align=”center” mode=”lazyload”]

Peter Pan breaks character at the end of a Glasgow Pantomime in the SSE Hydro to propose to his girlfriend, who is rather fitting playing Wendy. She says yes. Christmas is saved forever.

2. Rabbit Run- 1.6m YouTube views

[youtube id=”wVN4PRLrpsA” align=”center” mode=”lazyload”]

If you ever had any doubt that the Duracell bunny lives up to its energy boasts? Worry no longer and watch the Usain Bolt of bunnies in action. (P.S no the bunny didn’t get run over.)

1. Plumber Caught Dancing

[youtube id=”zVnkp1oF3To” align=”center” mode=”lazyload”]

An ex raver, plumber, reliving his glory days unaware his workmate has filmed him raving away to a “tune” on the radio (The song in question? Chicane- Saltwater.)

What are your favourite viral vids Glasgow? Have any of you had a video go viral? Leave a comment below.