Welcome to the second installment of The Weegie Tweets the News. We’ve round up the most informative tweets and instas so you are well-informed about all Glasgow goings-on.

Mysterious Glow in the Sky Causes Glee and Strong Sense of Pride

We officially won the weather bingo, for the first and possibly last time. Savour it, Glasgow.

‘The Tshirt was Only Holding Me Back’ says Professional Sunbather


We’d like to salute this woman for starting a much-needed trend. Admittedly Glasgow was much too cold for a #tapsaff equality campaign until now.

Fruity Fridays Taken to the Next Level


It was been confirmed that this would be open to all fruits, not just oranges. Fair’s fair.

Numerous Unexplained Cases of Mistaking Body Parts for Sausages

#hotdogsorlegs #lunchbreak

A photo posted by Sara McQueen (@sara.outsearching) on

It’s spreading like wildfire!

[Insert Ironic Headline Here]

Outside Lupe Pinto on Great Western Road #glasgow #glasgowbanter

A photo posted by Laurianne's Raw Cakes (@lauriannerawcakes) on

This one is quite funny by itself, actually. So we didn’t bother with a headline.

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