It might seem a pretty wild concept to all you party animals Glasgow, but sometimes at the weekend there are a few of us who don’t mind a “Sober Saturday”.

At risk of alienating ourselves from the warm bosom of Glaswegian society, we bring you.

11 things to do in Glasgow on a Sober Saturday…

11. Go Karting @ ScotKart

go kart2ScotKart in Cambuslang, challenge your nearest and dearest, why not add in a couple of incentives, such as the loser has to kiss the other persons feet straight after the race? Nice sweaty shoes. Lewis Hamilton would struggle to defeat someone in the Go Karts with that kind of bet hovering above the racetrack.

10. Riverside Museum

riverside museumOne of Scotland’s most popular museums, so far million of people have visited to see the history of transport in Scotland and so much more. Now under the GlasgowLife umbrella and under responsibility of Glasgow City Council, Riverside Museum is free entry. Winner of European Museum of Year 2013 and hosting the 2015 museum awards.

9. Necropolis Ghost Tour

necropolis4wpEverybody who is anybody has visited Glasgow’s “City of the Dead” when the patrons contained within the city walls are at slumber, but how many of you dare brave the same hallowed ground after dusk, and the moon doth rise, when the city of the dead awakens once more? Tours leave at 19:30 £10

8. Christ of Saint John of the Cross @ Kelvingrove Museum

dali-christKeeping with the more cultural aspects of our list, why not pop into Kelvingrove Museum and gaze at one of the world’s most famous paintings. Painted by the surrealist Salvador Dali it depicts Jesus on the cross hanging above a sea, a boat and a solitary fisherman. In person the enormous painting is rather breathtaking.

7. The Drop, Climbzone @IntuBraehead

Climbzone_XscapeBrave enough to let go and feel yourself plummet at 85% per cent the rate of total freefall? One of the best indoor adventure parks in the UK, and experienced climbers keeping an eye on the action at all times. The Drop promises to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

6. The Golf Lounge @ West George Street

golf loungePrefer your adrenaline kicks a little less dramatic and a little more serene and virtual? The Golf Lounge on West George Street promises you 50 of the world’s greatest golf courses, without the worry of rain or the stress of walking miles to retrieve an golfball driven askew.

5. Willow Tea Rooms, Sauchiehall Street

Willow03If even the excitement of golf seems a bit too strenuous, repeal the day a little further and visit one of Scotland’s most famous working, walk in architectural monuments. Designed in 1904 by Charles Rennie Mackintosh the Willow Tea Rooms, has stood as a testament to the ubiquity and genius of a man who like most of the greats in history, did not receive the gratitude and respect due while alive.

4. Alston Bar and Grill, Central Station

Alston bar and grillWhat about eating a meal in a street that time forgot? Alston Bar and Grill is a part of the creative fabrics responsible for the city of Glasgow as its viewed today. At the time Alston Street did not even reside in Glasgow, but instead Grahamston, one of Glasgow’s forgotten villages.

3. AirSpace

AirSpaceWhen’s the last time you were on a trampoline (excluding the death trap in your back garden) When’s the last time you felt the air rush past your face? AirSpace can promise you an adrenaline packed day with everything from, trampoline penalties, trampoline slam dunk, dodgeball, trampoline air-boarding. Brilliant fun.

2. Glasgow School of Art Tour

Glasgow school of artAlthough horrifically damaged in the terrible fire of 2014, Glasgow School of Art still promises you one of the best tours in Scotland, with each tour factual and interesting thanks to each tour guide possessing “rain man” amounts of knowledge in regards to Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his Glasgow legacy.

1. Glasgow Sightseeing City Tour

gLASGOW SIGHTSEEINGTOURWhy not take the hassle out of having to decide where to go and what to do during your day of alcohol free abstinence. Glasgow City Tour will present a side of Glasgow you’ve never seen. Most Glaswegians will claim to be more knowledgeable than the tour itself, but nevertheless, the tour bus is definitely a lot more comfortable than sitting on a Weegie’s back while he recants you tales of Glasgow past.

It just goes to prove that there really is things to do in Glasgow without the aid of alcohol.