Its nearly All Hallows Eve Glasgow, the night when all you ghosts and goblins are freed from your infinite and torturous afterlife, to run amok for one night only.

Did you know that the reason for carving scary faces onto a turnip (pumpkin if you’re American) is to ward away evil spirits frightened by the ghastly carved faces.

Anyway Glasgow, here’s a selection of scary movies for you to watch on the run up to Halloween.

12. It


Where to begin with Stephen King’s iT. We’re pretty sure the whole horror of the “killer clown” myth originated from a child with an overactive imagination who had previously watched It. Tim Curry as the terrifying Pennywise the Clown hunting down and murdering school children. Although perhaps slightly dated these days, with sightings of killer clowns almost every year. It shows master of horror Stephen King will always have a rightful place in the twisted psyche of modern culture.

11. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

all the boys love

Surprisingly great, what begins like the typical teen slasher movie, morphs into something completely spectacular, and what an ending. Literally causing you to doubt everything that you witnessed up until the final payoff. Guaranteed you won’t guess it. Also stars the future Mrs Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, in her breakout role as the titular Mandy Lane.

10. The Sixth Sense


Arguably the greatest twist in contemporary horror movie history. M Night Shyamalan, ghost story tale can still be enjoyed for its atmospheric story of a child psychologist searching for redemption after failing to help one of his patients. Rejuvenating Bruce Willis’ career, The Sixth Sense helped prove to the movie going audience there was more to his acting repertoire than a white vest and Yippee Kiy Yay Motherf*****.

9. The Skeleton Key


All voodoo, The Deep South of America and Kate Hudson in a haunted house. An excellent movie, with the allure of supernatural foreboding lingering over the whole movie, every character seems to have a separate agenda and everything isn’t quite as it seems. Kate Hudson is a carer taking care of stroke suffer John Hurt. However all is not right in the house and as she delves further into its history, what unravels is a history of sacrifice and voodoo rituals. an original and genuinely creepy movie.

8. Audition


If there was ever a movie to leave you gobsmacked and speechless at the final credits, it would have to be Audition. A widowed man, Shigeharu Aoyama decides to get back into the dating world and rather than go on blind dates, audition prospective wives. Most of the candidates fail to spark any interest in our protagonist however his eyes light up upon discovering Amazi Yamazaki, instantly enamoured with the pretty 20 something year old. He falls truly madly deeply, however Amazi might not be everything she appears, and just what’s inside the bag in her living room? Brutal and violent, Audition is not for the faint hearted.

7. The Descent

the descent

Neil Marshall’s claustrophobia inducing horror, is a fantastic movie, on a tight budget creating a tense and atmospheric fight for survival. A group of underground rock climbers go exploring in the Appalachian mountains in America to help one of the characters Sarah mourn the death of her husband and daughter. As they traverse the underground caves, it is revealed, their route has never been mapped and with going back not an option after a cave collapse. They are attacked by an unseen enemy, each of them must stick together if they wish to escape their living nightmare.

6. Inside


One of the gems of the new wave of French Extreme Horror. The premise is simple, a bereaved pregnant woman days away from giving birth is hunted by a random woman who is attempting to cut her baby from the victims womb. What follows is two hours of complete terror, Inside also becomes an episode in primal fear. The vulnerability of pregnancy versus the primal nature of protecting your children. A truly frightening and brutal movie. Avoid if of a nervous disposition and definitely avoid if pregnant. Inside will leave you wincing and traumatised for days.

5. The Shining

the shining

The very epitome of timeless classic, Stanley Kubrick adapting a novel written by horror maestro Stephen King starring Jack Nicholson. The Overlook Hotel, haunted, or evidence of Jack Nicholson’s character Jack Torrance experiencing a full blown mental breakdown? Probably best to say all of above. One of Kubrick’s most famous movies and completely derided on release by author Steven King, nevertheless The Shining stands the test of time as one of the eeriest and unforgettable horror movies of all time. Red rum, Red rummmm.

4. The Conjuring

the cnjuring

Probably the most recent movie on our list, but a deserved entry. Based on true events, which always adds suspense and gravitas to the proceedings. James Wan of Saw and Insidious fame directed The Conjuring, which tells the story of famed supernatural investigating couple Ed and Lorraine Warren. Who are requested to help a family being tormented by unseen apparitions. Relying on psychological fear and scares. The Conjuring helped move the genre away from the recent torture porn trend of horror. Randomly James Wan followed The Conjuring with the billion dollar box office Fast and the Furious 7.

3. The Exorcism Of Emily Rose


Definitely one of the scariest movies of the last 20 years. The Exorcist Of Emily Rose also scores highly for being based on true events and for being without a typical villain with a weakness that the hero can use to vanquish. This is like a modern exorcist with court room litigation thrown into the works. Ultimately good versus evil. God versus the Devil. Relatively terrifying and equally tragic. As a young woman suffers repeated religious attack and is tortured by the Devil…Or is she?

2. The Ring/Ringu

The ring

It’s very rare when you find a remake which matches the original for sheer sweat inducing terror, but The Ring and its Japanese counterpart Ringu are perfect bedfellows. Nerve wracking from the outset, The Ring and Ringu follow similar story lines. Haunted tape, kills people who watch it seven days later. Evidence that Hollywood can sometimes pull of a brilliant remake. The final scene payoff, will leave you speechless and frantically reaching for the power button on your TV. Timeless.

1. Martyrs


At a risk of being burned at the stake. We present Martyrs as No1 on our list. Another from the New French Extreme genre. Utterly terrifying, bemusing, tragic, horrifying and any other adjective you care to use. Telling the story of a young abuse victim who escapes her captors, seeking revenge years later, she tracks down her captors to seek said revenge. But what happens following her exacting revenge is worse than she could ever imagine. The most brutal and horrifying movie, we have ever seen. Will leave you shuddering for days. Ask anyone who has watched Martyrs and expect the same response. A movie that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Honourary mention must go to Saw, The Exorcist, Nightmare on Elm Street, Candyman, Blair Witch and Scream all well worth a place on our list.