From Dot Cotton (yes, really) to Leonardo DiCaprio we are seeing more and more people are turning to e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking tobacco.

With the Royal College of Physicians recently backing vaping as having huge potential in the battle against tobacco related disease, the popularity of E-cigarettes will only increase.  

So with shops popping up all over the place here are our Top 5 vaping shops in Glasgow:

5. Vaping Caterpillar

Conveniently located round the corner from Glasgow Central Station, Vaping Caterpillar is an ideal place if you are running low just before that commute home.  

Vaping Caterpillar provides hardware for advanced vapours as well as good mix and match deals that can let you try out a variety of different flavours.

4. Emporium Vapour

With several shops nationwide and two in Glasgow, Emporium Vapour is a family run business that produces its own e-liquids in a plethora of quirky flavours ranging from Absinthe to Zombie (not brains but a kind of fruity cola mix).

3. Vapour Lounge

Smack bang in the middle of town Vapour Lounge offers a huge amount of kits, batteries, accessories and even DIY supplies that should fulfil all your vaping needs. Vapour Lounge also provides a decent number of great flavours to keep you going.

2. Socialites

Socialites is one of the largest E-Cigarette companies in the UK which gives it a distinct advantage over many other retailers. There are a number of stores in and around Glasgow which means you’re never too far away from one and they give plenty of variety to boot.

1. Smokemax

Smokemax located on Union Street has a dazzling range of….well, everything.

There are so many flavours in the store that it is quite overwhelming, combine this with the clean look of the shop and you might be forgiven for thinking you are in a vaping paradise.

The products are great quality as well as being affordable and there are also plenty of max vg liquids to choose from.

There’s excellent cheap starter packs to help you get on the road to kicking those nasty old fags. All of these factors together make Smokemax our number 1!