Champagne, once solely a drink for celebrities, sophisticated aristocrats and Charlie Nicholas is now available to everyone. With empty bottles and flutes a common sight in even the most understated of bars across Glasgow, it seems that the once exclusive drink of the high classes has lost the sheen of opulent glamour.

All is not lost however, GlasgowLiving brings you 9 places where purveyors of the champagne way of life can relax while quaffing champagne and eating quail eggs. (Quail eggs sold separately.)

9. SheenaShona Champagne Boutique @ Corinthian


One of Glasgow’s finest drinks venues, the refurbished bank and High Court, built in 1884 it has stood as a focal point in showing the world Glasgow’s wealth. Now considered one of Glasgow’s most exclusive bar/restaurants after a multi million pound renovation, the inside decor is a spectacular sight to behold.

With 12 bottles of champagne on offer in their champagne and diamonds boutique bar, prices rang from £56 pound per bottle to £650 pounds a bottle. Champagne to cover every price range.

8. Hugh’s Restaurant & Champagne Bar @ House of Frasers


In amongst the floors of the Buchanan Street superstore, lies Hugh’s Restaurant & Champagne Bar. Respite from a hard days shopping, with special offers and regular Itison deals, you can concentrate of spending your hard earned cash in store.

7. 360 Champagne Bar Glasgow @ IntuBraehead


Braehead’s 360 degree Champagne Bar is a welcome addition to the IntuBraehead experience, relax and take a load off whilst you gaze at the stressed out shoppers surrounding you. Open in 2012 360 Degree Bar offers you a panoramic view of the shopping centre as you casually sip the finest quality of champagne, (and strawberries if you wish).

6. Mediterraneo Cocktail & Champagne Bar


A very modern Cocktail and Champagne Bar on Ingram Street in the Merchant City, offering a separate bar for people wanting to skip the formality of a meal. Mediterrananeo does provide the option of snacks at the bar and also quality champagne.

5. Oyster Bar @ Rogano


One of Glasgow’s longest serving restaurants, 75 years in business, and still one of the finest, promising to sell only the grandest of champagnes and claiming one of the most diverse ranges of champagne available throughout Glasgow, you will not regret popping in for an evening of champagne and oysters.

4. Malmaison


Boasting eleven top champagnes on their menu, Malmaison is more than just a quality hotel. Inviting members of the public to their exclusive Chez Mal Bar, you can expect to relax in a grande establishment, amazing guests, help create an atmosphere and ambience unsurpassed in the City Centre.

3. The Salon Bar @ Blythswood Square Hotel


Considered one of the best bars in the world by Class magazine, the first floor of the immaculate Blythswood Square Hotel, features The Salon Bar, with the menu offering the sought after Ace Of Spades champagne. The company that rap superstar and business magnate Jay Z purchased after past favourite Cristal fell from grace.

2. Vroni’s Wine and Champagne Bar


One of Glasgow’s most popular, and considerably unassuming champagne bars. Vroni’s nevertheless has a exceptional reputation for serving the highest quality champagne in the quietest of surroundings. Vroni’s inside resembles something similar to a wine bar within an Audrey Tautou romantic comedy. (The first date type place.) Since opening in 1995, Vroni’s has grown in popularity without ever losing its quiet ambiance. A fine establishment.

1. Champagne Central Glasgow @ Grand Central Hotel

champagne central

Scotland’s No1 hotel bar 2015, it’s easy to understand why. Some of the most important people in history have visited Champagne Central throughout the ages, JFK, Marlon Brando, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, and even Big Liz, The Queen.

With fourteen of the highest quality champagnes available on the menu (including Don Perignon), after spending an afternoon in the Champagne Central Bar, you will feel as if you have dined with the stars.