We’re not sure of you’re aware Glasgow, but, Sport.Is.Everywhere. Shockingly we’re not even talking about a specific type of attire favoured by the more young and delinquent percentage of population.

Nope Glasgow, sport is pretty much a national past time, it doesn’t really matter what sport. Give us an underdog over the favourite any-day and we’ll be inseparable. When you’re talking about things to do in Glasgow, supporting the underdog is pretty much top priority.

Here are some of the best bars to catch every match, fight or antiquated televised duel in Glasgow.

O’Neills – Sauchiehall Street


O’Neills on Sauchiehall Street and in the Merchant Square is fantastic for showcasing every kind of sport. Even the more obscure sports will get a viewing. Brilliant atmosphere, amazing staff and multiple big screens. O’Neills is the sports bar for sports fans. Expect plenty of Guinness and pretty decent food.

The Golf Lounge – West George Street

The Golf Lounge

Think yourself a bit of a multi-tasker, are you the type that can watch sport whilst playing it? Then get yourself down to the Golf Lounge where you can virtually test your skill against 50 of the greatest courses in all of golf. Secure in the knowledge you are free from some of the more wilder excesses of weather, golfers tend to face, feel free to grab a cheeky Corona (other beers are available) whilst you play. Plenty of screens keeps you updated with the latest scores.

Walkabout – Renfield Street


One of Glasgow’s most popular sports bars, Walkabout is perfect for catching the big matches, whatever the sport. Huge screens and plenty of bar space ensuring you’re not waiting too long to get served, which eliminates the risk of missing that game changing incident (You know the one that everybody talks about for years to come.)  Great Aussie style food as well.

The Ark – North Frederick Street

The Ark

Owner of Glasgow’s biggest screens (they say), there’s a reason why this is the ultimate student hideout. Plenty of smaller screens and tables if you fancy watching in a more intimate setting. Although most of the time you’re going out as much for the banter and atmosphere as you are going out to watch the match. Best getting down early of you fancy a table. The Ark can get busy.

Waxy O’Connor’s – West George Street


The official home of Glasgow Warriors rugby team, Waxy O Connor is showing every match by Glasgow’s premier rugby team. Waxy O Connor’s also shows pretty much every other sport you can imagine. Three floors, six bars and nine different areas, means you’re pretty much guaranteed a good spot for watching the match.

Coopers – Great Western Road


Officially the Jags (Partick Thistle) supporting bar this season, Coopers on Great Western Road is a superb bar to pop in and catch the game. Lots of banter and crisp fresh pints (if you’re into that sort of thing) make for an excellent atmosphere, not only on match day but any time there’s a game on. Fourteen televisions, 3D Screen and three sky boxes guarantees, you’ll be able to follow your desired match at Coopers.

Rhoderick Dhu – Waterloo Street

Rhoderik Dhu

Another great bar for catching your favourite team on the TV. Rhoderik Dhu’s a literal minutes walk from Central Station and with the comforts of 11 TV’s, 3 Sky boxes and plenty of comfy chairs and seats, perfect if you’re in watching the game straight after work.

Kitty O’Shea’s – Waterloo Street

Kitty O Shea

Kitty O’Shea’s promises the best of both worlds while sports is on, with separate viewing areas, you could probably still attend during the football and not be too inconvenienced (although perhaps attending a non sports related bar during the sporting action, might be a more sensible idea. The old Pivo Pivo residence provides you seven separate screens and a massive pull down projector guarantees you a great atmosphere and a decent pint.