Marchtown has built up something of a reputation for its ever-popular tasting sessions, which have been running almost every week for over two years now, in the leafy southside of Glasgow. The venue is unique: a specialty wine/beer off-licence and wine/beer bar hybrid, which doesn’t just serve the local community – they regularly have guests visiting from the West End, Edinburgh and beyond!

For December 2018, the tasting schedule has gone into overdrive, with multiple sessions every week, ranging from their famous Cheese & Wine pairing sessions, to the sensory challenge of their mind-blowing Bind Wine Tasting, and the extravagant Cheese & Fizz matching tasting (which has been laid on exclusively for the festive season). They’ll also be running the odd special and guest-hosted tasting, so keep your peepers open.

With twelve tickets at each session (available on their website, or in-store at Marchtown), there will be more than enough to go around. Tastings take place in the beautiful downstairs tasting room, and act as a great start to the night, or a wonderful post-dinner treat. Plus, if you are booking in eight guests or more, you can schedule and book your own private tasting or party!

Marchtown’s Cheese & Wine Tastings blur the boundary of wine tasting and fine dining experience. Five beautiful and varied wines are expertly paired to five exquisite and unique cheeses, over the course of a hosted, 90-minute session. “We always like to describe it as fun and informative – erring on the side of fun; we’ll illuminate you about the delicacies, but promise a few giggles and hi-jinks along the way. The really special thing about these tastings is that we never serve out the same combination of wines and cheeses, because we carry an ever-changing range and have new things to try every single week. So, even if you’ve been before, we guarantee a fresh experience.”

And that’s just their standard tasting… It all begs the question; if you haven’t been already, why the devil not?

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